How to Check a Land Title in Belize

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How to Check a Land Title in Belize

Hire a real estate agent in Belize. Explain your specific needs to the real estate agency to make sure the agent you get specializes in checking land titles.

Have the real estate agent make a formal offer of purchase to the land owner. Make sure to include the legal name of the property, as given by the Department of Lands and Survey Office. A standard part of any offer will be permission to look up the records of the land in question.

Go to the Department of Land and Survey and request records for the land in question. This office should provide information on who the land title is actually deeded to, if there are any restrictions on the use of the land, or liens on the land. Many individuals choose to hire an attorney in Belize to help with this step and make sure all records on the land title are correct and up to date.

If there appear to be more than one record of the land title, ask for the land title information provided by the Registered Land Act System, as this is one of the three land registration systems in Belize that the government is switching all land titles to.

While optional, it's highly advised to hire an attorney at this point to verify all the land title information. Once verified, any proposed sale can go through once all fees are paid.



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