How to Locate an Inmate in Tennessee

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According to the Tennessee Department of Corrections website, as of July 2010 there were 20,2330 adults incarcerated in the state's penal institutions. To help you locate an inmate who is currently serving a sentence or is on parole, the state created FOIL, the Tennessee Felony Offender Information Lookup website. FOIL is free and offers an easy-to-use directory search. Once you have your inmate's location, make sure to verify with the inmate's facility or parole officer.

Click the search button on the Felony Offender Information Lookup website.

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Enter the inmate's first or last name. If you do not have this information, you can enter the inmate's Social Security number, Tennessee Offender Management Information System (TOMIS) Identification Number or State ID Number.

Enter the numbers in the shaded box to the box beneath. Click on the "search" button at the bottom of the page to bring up your search results.


  • If you find an inmate using FOIL, you should confirm the inmate's status information with the jurisdiction. You can also look up an inmate by race if you do not have the inmate's first or last name. In addition to inmate location services, FOIL also provides a database of sex or meth offenders, as well victim advocate programs.