How to Search for How Much Time Inmates Have Left

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When an offender is convicted of a crime and incarcerated, this information is recorded and made available to the public. Inmate information can be easily located through one of the many federal and state online databases. Searching for inmates by name and the state where they are incarcerated will provide access to their inmate profile, including their release date. Every state does not offer an online database, but inmate information may be obtained by contacting the jail directly and asking for the release date of a prisoner. For safety reasons, a victim of a violent offender may desire to know the date that their violator will be released from jail.

Find out the Inmate's Crime

federal crimes are categorized as any infraction of federal law, such as drug trafficking and identity theft. State offenses are typically the more violent crimes, like murder, rape and kidnapping. Depending on the criminal offense the inmate is charge with, the inmate will be held in either a state or federal correctional facility. Each entity has their own databases.

Determine the State of Incarceration

Knowing which state they are being held in will help narrow down the search and avoid retrieving irrelevant information. Visit the online inmate locator, specific to the state of incarceration. Some state facilities have their own online databases. The entire federal prison population may be searched by using the Federal Bureau of Prisons database.

Access Inmate Database Information

Enter the inmate's identification number, if known, or the inmate's full name. If duplicate listings are retrieved, include their birth date or middle initial. Common names tend to pull up multiple profiles. Providing additional identifying information will assist in locating the inmate you are searching for. If the inmate can't be located under their name and birth date, call the correctional facility and ask for the inmate's identification number.

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The database will display the inmate's registry number, race, sex, age and release date. Some databases provide more information than others and sometimes include mug shots, current status and other details. All databases disclose inmate release dates.

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