How to Check to See If Your License Is Suspended in Utah

By Eric Cedric - Updated April 05, 2017

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If you have doubts or questions about your legal driving status in Utah, you can check to see if your license has been suspended. It's always better to know whether or not your license is suspended. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, and you can prevent unwanted tickets, fines or even arrests by doing some checking on your license status. A small fee is charged to get a report on your driving status in Utah.

Go to your local branch of the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. Request a motor vehicle report form, called the DLD60. If outside of the state, use Utah's online DMV portal to fill out an electronic version of the form.

Fill the DLD60 out entirely and honestly. Information typically asked for includes driver's license number, name and social security number.

Present the form to the clerk along with the $6.00 processing fee. The clerk will give you a printed copy of the report. If using the online form, hit submit and wait for the secure payment site to come up. Fill out the payment page. You will need a valid credit or debit card for the online transaction.

Read the report and look for license suspensions under the report filings. If using the online form, print a copy of the report that will appear after payment is remitted and accepted.

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