How to File a Claim in Small Claims Court in Colorado Springs, CO

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You want to resolve a dispute with someone over getting money or property belonging to you. Maybe you believe a contract you've entered into hasn't been upheld by the other party or you need the court to settle your landlord-tenant dispute.

Personally presenting your case to a judge in a Colorado Springs, Colo., small claims court may be the option for you.

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Obtain complaint form “Notice, Claim and Summons to Appear for Trial” at the El Paso Judicial Branch Courthouse or visit the judicial branch website. Click on the “Forms” tab, the “Small Claims” hyperlink or button and the PDF icon for Form JDF 250, “Notice, Claim and Summons to Appear for Trial”.

You can also download instructions for filling out the form on the same webpage by clicking the “Small Claims Interactive Forms Module” link in the description box.

Fill out all of the required sections of the form completely. Review the form for accuracy. After the form is properly completed, sign and date it.

File the complaint form in the county where you or the party you’re suing live or work, have a business or are a student. If the claim involves rental property, file in the county where the rental property is located. File by taking the document to the courthouse’s clerk of the small claims court.

Pay required filing fees of $31 or $55, as determined by the court, to the clerk of the court. The clerk will set a trial date.

Send notice of your lawsuit to the person you're suing at least 15 days prior to trial. This is called service. You can pay to have the clerk of the court send the complaint to the other party (the defendant) by certified mail or you can pay to have a sheriff or processor serve the complaint to the defendant.


  • Serve notice to the defendant in a timely fashion or your case can be dismissed or postponed. Colorado Springs, Colo., small claims actions can't exceed $7,500.


  • Gather all of the facts relevant to your case prior to your trial date.

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