How to File a Civil Court Lawsuit in Colorado

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The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure govern the preparation, filing and pursuit of a civil lawsuit in the Centennial State. In order to properly commence and pursue a lawsuit, you must understand the basic parameters of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. The Rules are available both through the Colorado Supreme Court (online and in the brick-and-mortar world) as well as from the clerk's office of each local county or district court in the state.

Draft a demand letter. Colorado law requires that you attempt to settle a claim or complaint in advance of filing a civil court lawsuit. A demand letter is the conclusion of that process.

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Include in the demand letter the specific amount of money you will accept to settle the dispute. Clearly state that you will pursue further legal action if you do not receive the requested payment by a specific date.

Obtain a complaint form from the court clerk in the Colorado county where you desire to bring a lawsuit. The complaint is the legal document utilized to start a civil lawsuit in the state of Colorado.

Complete the complaint. Included your name as well as the name and address of the defendant. Recite the specific facts giving rise to your claim against the defendant. Include a general request for an approximate amount of money you desire in the way of a judgment. Colorado law does not require you to list a specific dollar amount. Stating something to the effect of "plaintiff prays for damages in an amount above $50,000" suffices.

File the complaint with the court clerk.

Request the court clerk to direct the sheriff to serve a copy of the complaint on the defendant.


  • Consider engaging the services of an attorney to represent you in your civil lawsuit. Colorado laws and associated court procedures can be complex. Therefore, your interests typically are best protected through representation by an experienced trial attorney. The Colorado Bar Association maintains a directory of attorneys in different practice areas. Contact the organization at:

    Colorado Bar Association 1900 Grant St. 9th Floor Denver, CO 80203 303-860-1115

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