Wisconsin Driver's License Eye Test Requirements

Wisconsin uses vision standards that are consistent with other states.
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In Wisconsin, drivers must renew their licenses every eight years, and you must pass the vision test to be qualified for a Wisconsin license. The test measures clarity of vision, distance and peripheral vision. Wisconsin uses vision standards that are consistent with other states for unrestricted driving privileges.

Passenger Vehicles

Drivers applying for a normal operator's license are required to meet a standard of 20/40 acuity in both eyes and a 70-degree field of vision, measured from the middle of each eye. These standards can be meet with corrective lenses, but if lenses are used, they cannot obstruct the 70-degree field of vision.

Applicants who are unable to meet the vision standards must see a vision specialist, who will make a determination regarding the applicant's ability to drive. The vision specialist may recommend a complete driving evaluation, in which case, the driver must have at least 20/100 acuity in one eye and a field of vision of at least 20 degrees from the middle in at least one eye.

Restricted Driving

Restricted driving may include the mandatory use of corrective lenses, driving in daytime only, outside mirrors on the vehicle, and specific areas or routes, such as to and from work. Restrictions depend on the recommendations of the vision specialist and the outcome of a driving evaluation that measures the ability to adjust for the loss of vision.

Progressive Eye Disease

Drivers with deteriorating vision caused by eye conditions that worsen over time, such as cataracts or glaucoma, are required to submit vision reports before renewing their driver's licenses. These conditions also require periodic checks to ensure that applicants are still able to drive safely. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation medical staff determines if and when updated vision reports are necessary. The driver is notified in writing and sent the required form. Failure to comply leads to a cancellation of driving privileges.