How to Pass a Texas DPS Eye Test for a License

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A vision test is required if you are applying for a new Texas driver's license. It is required to renew a Texas driver's license if you have been convicted of a traffic violation within four years of your renewal application or if you admit that your vision has changed. A vision test can be taken when you apply for a license. If you are renewing a license while out of state, you can take the vision test with a licensed physician.

Take the Eye Exam

A vision test can be done at a local Texas Department of Public Safety office when applying or renewing a driver's license. You also have the option to take a vision test with a licensed optometrist. The optometrist is required to complete a DL-63 form on your behalf (see Resources). Meet the acuity requirements without glasses. If you don't wear glasses, your poorest eye shouldn't score under 20/70 without glasses on. Meet the acuity requirements with glasses. If you wear glasses or corrective lenses, your best eye should be at least 20/70.

Submit the Exam Results

If you are taking the test with a licensed optometrist, submit the completed DL-63 form and results to DPS, along with the application to apply for or renew a driver's license.



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