Can I Carry a Gun in My Car in Kentucky?

gun on car seat
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It is legal to carry a gun in your car in Kentucky. The state is subject to the federal interstate travel laws for guns in cars and also has specific rules for how you must carry that gun while on Kentucky roads.

Kentucky Law

You are permitted to carry a gun and ammunition in your car in Kentucky, but the weapon and the ammunition must remain in the glove compartment at all times while you drive the car.


The center console of the car does not qualify as a glove compartment, according to Kentucky law, so you cannot store the gun in the console. On Sept. 21, 2006, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that a storage space only qualifies as a glove compartment for the purposes of this law if that space is installed in the dashboard by the manufacturer.

Federal Law

If you pass through Kentucky while traveling from state to state you are subject to federal regulations for carrying firearms in your car. You are permitted to carry a gun in your car as long as the gun is not loaded and the ammunition is not readily within reach. If you carry the gun in the passenger cabin of the car it must be in a separate locked container (not the glove compartment or console).

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