Connecticut Laws on BB Guns

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Connecticut's gun laws are among the strictest in the nation. BB guns are considered to be dangerous weapons in the state, along with long knives and switchblades, police batons and martial arts weapons. While dangerous weapons laws typically aren't as comprehensive as firearms laws, Connecticut's law is fairly detailed. With limited exceptions, it is illegal to carry a BB gun in Connecticut. If you are transporting a BB gun in a vehicle within the state, you must have a permit and keep the weapon unloaded in a locked case in the trunk.

Dangerous Weapons

Most people are prohibited from carrying dangerous weapons in Connecticut, and BB guns are considered dangerous weapons under state law. Carrying a BB gun in violation of this law is a Class E felony. The maximum penalty for this offense is a $3,000 fine and three years in jail. The maximum penalty for illegally carrying a dangerous weapon in a vehicle is a $1,000 fine and five years in jail.

Exceptions to the Law

The only legal exception for carrying BB guns in Connecticut extends to participants in authorized events and competitions for Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. This exception also allows for transport in a vehicle, provided the BB guns are unloaded and kept in a locked case.

Police officers may carry any dangerous weapons, including BB guns, while they're on duty. Licensed private security officers are allowed to carry a baton or a nightstick while on duty. Martial arts students and instructors can carry martial arts weapons to and from classes or authorized events, and must have permits to carry the weapons in a vehicle.

Hunting Regulations

Air guns, including BB guns, are permitted for hunting in Connecticut, but only those that use a single pellet or ball projectile can be used. Otherwise, they are subject to the same restrictions as rifles and handguns. Hunting with a BB gun requires following all state hunting regulations, such as acquiring the proper permits, licenses and registrations, and following the state bag limits.

BB guns are generally prohibited on state-leased and permit-required hunting areas. You cannot hunt turkeys, waterfowl or any federally regulated migratory game bird with a BB gun. There are additional restrictions for hunting deer. If you're hunting on private land, make sure you have permission from the landowner. You must keep a copy of the written permission form on your person at all times while out hunting.


  • In Connecticut, BB guns are regulated as dangerous weapons. It is illegal to carry a BB gun except in specific circumstances defined by law. It is also illegal to transport a BB gun in a vehicle without a permit.

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