What is Section 46 of the Highway Traffic Act?

Section 46 of the Highway Traffic Act covers Ontario, Canada.
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The Highway Traffic Act is part of the traffic legislation of the province of Ontario, Canada. Updated for August 2010, the Highway Traffic Act has provisions under Section 46 to cover fine defaults and penalties.

Section 46

Fines are imposed to drivers who commit offenses under the regulations of the act. The section also covers any other act that is listed as part of the Highway Traffic Act schedule. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act of 1997 is also protected regarding offenses concerning Clause 17 and Subsection 24. The Liquor License Act, Subsection 32, is covered under drinking and driving laws and fine defaults, as well as under the Criminal Code, 1993, for committing criminal offenses with a vehicle.

Directions or Orders

A person who defaults on fine payments can be suspended from driving. An order or direction can be enforced to suspend the license of the driver until the fine is paid in full.

Registrar Suspension

If the defaulted fine remains unpaid, the registrar has the power to obtain an order for suspension, providing the license of the defaulted driver has not already been suspended under another existing law. The license can be reinstated as soon as the fine and any interest are paid.

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