Arizona Handicap Parking Regulations

Arizona Handicap Parking Regulations
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In the state of Arizona, parking regulations for the handicapped and disabled are governed by Chapter 28, Section 3, Article 14 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, or ARS.

Handicapped Parking

Local, county and state governmental authorities are required to provide handicapped parking spaces within public parking facilities to be used only by those with handicapped licensure or identification.

Reciprocal Laws With Other States

Handicapped motorists from other states and countries are allowed to park at handicapped parking spaces in accordance with the laws of their own states or countries. The Arizona director of transportation may enter into agreements with other states extending any specific rights of handicapped citizens in Arizona to non-residents within Arizona.


Those using handicapped parking spaces without the proper authorization may receive a fine of $50 in addition to the maximum penalty for parking violations of $250, as defined by ARS 25-1598.

Handicapped motorists in violation of Arizona traffic laws may have their handicapped driving privileges suspended.

Volunteer Parking Enforcement

Municipalities in Arizona may establish volunteer parking enforcement groups to specifically issue citations to those violating handicapped parking regulations.

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Handicapped parking spaces must bear the handicapped symbol on a sign in front of the parking area. The symbol must be easily identifiable by the handicapped and the sign must be between 3 and 6 feet tall.