How to Sell Your Vehicle in Louisiana

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To legally transfer title to an automobile buyer in Louisiana, you must provide information and complete a variety of forms. At a minimum, you will need your license plate number, registration expiration date, vehicle identification number, driver's license number, company employer identification number (EIN) (if applicable), name and address of buyer, date of sale of sale, and the selling price. You will need to pay applicable transfer fees to complete the sale.

Establish marketable title. LRS 32:706 requires that an automobile seller have marketable title before transfer of title to a buyer. Failure to transfer clear title can subject the seller to a civil lawsuit and the buyer can seek attorney's fees

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Obtain all required OMV forms either online or at an OMV location.

Complete a dated bill of sale signed by the buyer and seller in the presence of a Notary. The bill of sale should describe the make, model, year, vehicle identification number, date of sale, and vehicle sale price.

Complete the odometer disclosure statement (without tenths). Check either box one or box two, if applicable, disclosing mechanical mileage limits and any warning of odometer reading discrepancies. This form must be signed and dated by both the seller and the buyer (notarization is not required).

Complete the notice of transfer of vehicle. Transfer of title is not valid unless and until registration is completed and filed by the buyer.

Deliver a signed and Notarized certificate of title to the buyer as required by LRS 32:705.

Complete the "vehicle application form." This application form is completed by the buyer and when filed, a new title will be issued to the buyer. When the license plate has been returned, the buyer must verify on the form that the license plates were returned to the OMV. The buyer and seller must sign the form, which also must indicate whether the title is for a salvaged or reconstructed vehicle, and any water or hail damage (LRS 32:706.1, 32:774.2, and 32:702.2).

Take all of the documents to an OMV location for filing. Remove and surrender the old license plates to OMV or mail the plates and a copy of your certificate of title. If you are surrendering the plates in person, you must present proof of insurance and your driver's license.

Pay all necessary transfer fees and complete the transaction.


  • As a protection of the buyer, LRS 32:706.1 requires that a disclosure statement be given to the car purchaser where salvage or reconstructed titles were used for the automobile title transfer.