How to Turn in License Plates in Louisiana

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Before a Louisiana resident cancels their auto insurance, the license plate attached to the vehicle must be surrendered to a Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles office. Once your license plate is processed, your vehicle registration is cancelled by the state. Place your license plate in a stamped envelope addressed to your local DMV office for postal submission. You can also relinquish plates in person by visiting your local DMV office. Future problems are avoided following proper procedure.


Locate your local Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles office by Parish. Your local phone directory has DMV mailing addresses and other contact information.

Place your license plates in a padded envelope. Make sure the plates fit safely inside with no protruding edges.

Address your envelope with legible print using dark, smudge-proof ink.

Take your addressed envelope to the post office. Send the package first class mail with delivery confirmation. Use the delivery confirmation tracking number to confirm your plate was successfully delivered. There is an additional charge for for this service.

Allow 2-3 business days for the DMV to receive your plates. You can verify receipt of your package by tracking the delivery confirmation number online at the USPS's website.

In Person

Locate your local Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles office. Your phone directory has a listing of all office locations.

Phone the branch you wish to visit. Verify if you can walk in to drop off your plates or if an appointment is required.

Take your license plates to the selected DMV office. Notify the clerk of your intention and ensure you receive a receipt once the plates are surrendered.


  • Be sure to turn in your license plates before canceling your car insurance.