How to Convert a Salvage Title in Louisiana

By Jordan Clark
Preparing the necessary paperwork in advance saves time and trouble.

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The state of Louisiana defines a salvaged vehicle as one with damages exceeding 75 percent of the retail value of the car, as determined by the current National Automobile Dealer's Association guide. "A salvaged vehicle must be rebuilt or restored before it can be registered to operate on the highways," according to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

Have the vehicle repaired at a reputable repair shop, choosing one of the shops your insurance company recommends if required. Make sure the shop will provide bills of sale and receipts for all parts used to reconstruct the vehicle. If the previous owner repaired the car and such records are not available, present an affidavit that states the facts to the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Have the vehicle inspected by a full-time, certified Peace Officer Standards and Training law enforcement officer to obtain an official affidavit of physical inspection. Louisiana has more than 2,100 motor vehicle inspection stations.

Fill out the Louisiana application for a salvage-reconstructed motor vehicle that will contain information about the vehicle, the owner and the shop that performed the rebuilding, and a disclosure of salvage.

Have all pertinent bills of sale notarized by a certified notary public.

Fill out the Louisiana application for title (DPSMV 1799).

Take all of the applications and forms to a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles for filing. Be prepared to pay applicable fees.

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