How do I Set Up an Account for Incoming Inmate Calls From Strafford Jail?

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There are several options available for receiving incoming calls from an inmate at the Stafford County Department of Corrections. Telephone accounts can be set up through Offender Connect which allows prepayment for inmate calls. An inmate may also place an outgoing call by using funds deposited into the inmate's commissary account. Set up a phone account or transfer money to the inmate's commissary quickly and easily online or by phone.

Sign Up for Online Access

Go to to access options for phone account set-up or money transfer. Register for an online account by clicking "Sign up" on the home page.

Provide your full name, mailing address and a valid email address. Create a username and password consisting of eight characters and at least one number. Select a security question and answer. Click "Submit" to complete set up.

Check your inbox for an activation email from Offender Connect. Click the link provided to activate your account. Log in using your designated username and password.

Click "Manage Cards" from the Account Home menu on the left side of the webpage. Enter the credit card number and expiration date and click "Add" to save your credit card information to your account.

Set Up Phone Account

Click "Sign up now" under the Manage Your Phone Account heading on the Offender Connect home page. Click "Add" to enter the phone number at which you wish to receive inmate calls.

Select option for receiving bills electronically or by mail. Paper bills sent by mail will include an additional charge of $2.50 per month.

Select "New Hampshire" and "Stafford County Department of Corrections" from the state and facility drop down menu.

Click "Make a payment" from the Phone Account menu on the left side of the webpage and confirm the credit card you wish to use. Enter the security code from the back of the credit card and the amount you wish to add to your phone account. Click "Next" to proceed to confirmation of payment.

Transfer Money Instantly

Click "Sign up now" under the Transfer Money Instantly heading.

Search for a recipient by selecting "New Hampshire" and "Stafford County Department of Corrections" from the state and facility drop down menu. Enter the inmate's last name, booking number or permanent number and click "Search."

Click on the circle next to the recipient that you are transferring money to. Click "Next" to confirm your credit card and security code. Enter the amount you wish to transfer.

Add Commissary Money Through the Jail

Mail a money order payable to Strafford County Commissary.

Strafford County Commissary

266 County Farm Road

Dover, NH 03820

Include the inmate's full name, booking number or permanent number on the envelope and money order to ensure the deposit is made to the correct inmate.

Deposit cash to the inmate's commissary account by visiting the Strafford County Department of Corrections.


  • Fees apply to online transfers or phone payments and will be deducted from specified amount.


  • An account may be set up by contacting Offender Connect customer service by phone at 814-949-3303 if you do not have Internet access.


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