How to Get Birth Certificates From Jamaica

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A birth certificate is one of the primary documents necessary to establish a person's age and identity. You will need it to get a driver's license, a Social Security card or a passport. Private institutions – such as banks, investment firms or youth sports leagues – sometimes require members to provide birth certificates. If you were born in Jamaica, the Jamaican Registrar General's Department (RGD) can help you obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Gather Your Personal Information

You probably already know most of the information you need, such as your name, parents' names, parish and district of birth.

Find your registration number (also known as a birth entry number). This is a five-figure code available on your certificate of registry (often referred to as a pink slip) or, of course, on your birth certificate. The first two figures of the registration number are letters and the last three figures are digits. If you can't find this number, the RGD will look it up for you for $100 Jamaican.

Locate a Birth Certificate Application Form.

You can fill one out online at the RGD website.You may also pick up a paper copy at an RGD regional office or a major post office. Fill out and submit the form. If you are mailing it, be sure to include the fee. The RGD lists the fees on its website.


  • Not every agency or entity that asks for a birth certificate requires a certified copy. Call them and ask if a photocopy would be sufficient.

    Keep a copy of your birth certificate in a safe place. Write down your registration number and keep it in a safe place.



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