How to Obtain Ethiopian Citizenship

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The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is found in an area called the Horn of Africa. The country's location is near both the Middle East and Europe. Dual citizenship is not recognized in Ethiopia so you will need to obtain an Ethiopian citizenship if you want to live in the country permanently. The document that provides citizenship is the Ethiopian Origin Identification card. There are several requirements and documents that need to be met in order to receive this card that provides Ethiopian citizenship.

Obtain the application for the Ethiopian origin ID card from the Ethiopian Embassy or consulate office. Individuals who can apply for this card include those over the age of 18 who have one or more parent who are an Ethiopian citizen, and citizens of a foreign country who have married an Ethiopian citizen. The application cannot be obtained online but only upon request.

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Fill out two copies of the application. On Form One, attach three photographs. The photographs must be 3-by-4 inches.

Collect the supporting documents required with Form One. These include any of the following documents: a copy of the parents' Ethiopian ID card; testimony letter from the Kebele council where the parents once lived or currently live; copy of Ethiopian birth certificate or old Ethiopian passport; or a financial document or educational document that establishes your origin in Ethiopia.

Fill out Form Two of the application if you are a foreign national who has married an Ethiopian citizen and want to obtain Ethiopian citizenship. The partner who is an Ethiopian citizen must fill out the first part of the form and sign this section.

Have all documents obtained from Ethiopia certified by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A marriage certificate and supporting documents not obtained from Ethiopia should be authenticated by the embassy or consulate office.

Collect any additional documents needed, which will depend on the individual. Other possible documents include proof of residence in Ethiopia for more than five years, police certificate to show you do not have a criminal past, and proof of financial security. These documents are required for individuals who are not married to an Ethiopian citizen or have an Ethiopian parent.

Send two copies of the application, along with the supporting documents, to the nearest Ethiopian Embassy or consulate office. When your application has been accepted, you will need to pay a fee, $500 (as of 2011), before you can obtain your Ethiopian origin ID card.

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