How to Check My Tax Identification Number

Check tax identification number.

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A Tax Identification (EIN) number is used to identify a business for tax reasons. Tax ID numbers must be registered for a business to apply for a bank account, report employment tax and establish income tax reports. A Tax ID number defines a business in a similar way that a Social Security number defines a person. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues Tax ID numbers to ensure that business taxes are paid efficiently. The system is set up so that the owner of the Tax ID number has the authority to access and check the number when needed.

Contact the IRS

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Contact the IRS directly. Call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933 or visit IRS.gov to check the status of your business EIN number. Authorized company owners and representatives are the only ones who are legally allowed to check the status of the Tax ID number.

Research the GuideStar database

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Research the GuideStar database at GuideStar.org. GuideStar provides Tax ID information if your business is a non-profit organization. Enter the complete Tax ID number in the requested field to access information about your business. If your business completes IRS Form 990, it will be included in the GuideStar directory of companies.

Visit your local IRS tax center

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Visit your local IRS tax center. Research IRS.gov to find the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) that is closest to you. Some states have online information available through their TAC website, so you can research the EIN online without having to visit the office in person.

Search Sec.gov

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Search Sec.gov to check your business EIN. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a large public database that shows information about registered businesses within the country. This compilation of business information is called the EDGAR database. Enter your business EIN in the required field to locate information. Publicly registered companies are required to submit annual forms to the SEC. Check for the tax ID number by looking on the top of Forms 10-K and 20-F.

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