How to Find My Former Employer's State Unemployment Tax Number So I Can File an Unemployment Claim

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Your state unemployment application most likely requests a Federal Employer Identification Number, or EIN. If you received a Form W-2 form for wages paid in the previous calendar year, you can find this number in box B of the form.

If you worked only part of the year and haven't received your Form W-2 yet, you can call your former employer's payroll department for this number. If that option is not available to you, read on for other ways to research your former employer's EIN.

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Log onto the Internet and navigate to or Both sites offer a free trial subscription with three free EIN searches.

Complete an online registration form for the free trial subscription.

Retrieve your password from the registration e-mail sent to you and log into the search site.

Enter the name of your former employer and request its EIN. Note that your former employer might have multiple businesses for which it has separate EINs, so don't assume that the first EIN you see is the one you need in order to file your unemployment claim.

Incorrect information can delay your benefits.
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Call one of the phone numbers listed for your former employer and, if possible, confirm that you have the correct EIN for filing an unemployment claim.


  • If you don't gather the correct information, your application could be rejected, which will delay the start of your unemployment benefits.


  • Leave the "state" field blank. Your employer could be incorporated in a different state from the one in which you were employed.

    Ask your former employer if it has an informational form or brochure it can provide to you for completing an unemployment claim.



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