How to Find Out an Offender Court Date in North Carolina

By Jane Meggitt
In North Carolina, the easiest way to find your court date is via the Internet.

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If you've been arrested in North Carolina and want to find out your court date or the date that an offender must appear in court, the best way to do so is via the Internet. Simply visit North Carolina's Court System website at and submit the required information. If you don't have Internet access, or the information you seek isn't on the website, you can call the court clerk's office in the appropriate county.

Finding the Court Date

When you reach the state court system's website, you must choose the appropriate county, then select either the district or superior court, or check both courts. You must enter the defendant's last name. If it's a common surname, enter the last name followed by a comma, and the first initial. For example, John Jones is Jones, J. The defendant's court date should then appear.

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