How to Apply for Temporary Disability in Florida

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Floridians who become injured to the point they can no longer perform any type of work may be eligible to receive temporary benefits for the duration of the disability or injury. These benefits can last up to two years and will cover two-thirds of your wages. While the disability benefits are provided by the Social Security Administration, Florida workers must be deemed eligible by the Florida Department of Health Division of Disability Determinations before receiving the benefits.

The Florida Department of Health Division of Disability Determinations

To obtain disability benefits in Florida, you'll have to submit an application to the Social Security Administration. The SSA will forward the application to the Florida Department of Health Division of Disability Determinations, which will then advise the SSA as to whether you can be deemed disabled for purposes of receiving benefits.

Qualifying for Disability

To apply for disability benefits, you must, as a threshold, be able to show that you've worked at jobs where you paid into the Social Security program. After that, you need to show that you have a qualifying disability. This means your condition must be severe, and it must significantly limit your ability to work for at least 12 months. There are certain conditions that make it easier to qualify, such as advanced Parkinson's disease or severe epilepsy. You'll need a diagnosis from a doctor.

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Making the Benefits Application to the SSA

You need to compile the name of the treating physician, your patient ID number, the dates you went to the hospital, any medications you are taking and any other medical records. In addition, gather W-2 forms, your social security number and a copy of your birth certificate. Also draft a list of the types of jobs you had for the past 15 years prior to your injury.

Visit the Social Security Administration's website and fill out the online application for disability benefits. After you fill out this application, the SSA will deliver your materials to Florida's Division of Disability Determination.

Checking the Status of Your Benefits Application

You can contact the Division of Disability Determination to check the status of your application. If the Division has already forwarded its recommendation to the SSA, you can contact the SSA directly.


  • The disability benefits you can apply for in Florida are the same Social Security Disability benefits all disabled citizens can seek. You'll need to be deemed eligible by the Florida Department of Health Division of Disability Determinations to receive the benefits.

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