Florida Labor Laws Regarding Vacation Time

By Trish Jackson
Florida does not have any laws forcing companies to provide vacation time.

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The U.S. is the only industrialized nation that does not have national laws mandating employers to provide vacation time to employees. Each U.S. state implements and enforces its its own constitution and statutes. The 2010 Florida statutes regarding labor laws are found in Chapter 448, and they do not include any rules regarding employee vacation time.

Florida Vacation Law

The labor laws in Florida do not require companies to offer vacation time to employees. It is up to each individual company to decide on its own policies regarding vacation time. Employees should request a copy of the company's policies and procedures or employee handbook when starting employment. If the policies state a specific amount of days for vacation and they are not provided, the employee may be able to take legal action to enforce the company to honor its promises.

Company Vacation Rules

If a company's policies allow vacation time to accrue, the employee should be paid for any unused accrued vacation days upon termination. The same rules apply to paid holidays and sick leave. They are not mandated by the state but can be enforced if it is company policy. Federal law would only apply if employees were discriminated against by the company not applying the same rules to all personnel.

States with Vacation Laws

Nine states have laws stating that employers must pay employees for any accrued vacation time. They are Illinois, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Oregon, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Maine and California.

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