How to Get an Export License in Pakistan

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According to the Press Information Department, Government of Pakistan, an export license is no longer needed to exports goods from Pakistan. The following steps are required for exports from the country.

Step 1

Get the national tax number certificate from the income tax department. Application for obtaining national tax number requires filling the application form and attaching an attested copy of a National Identity Card (NIC).

Step 2

Register with sales tax department for refund purposes if you are paying sales tax on the purchased goods. However, if you register with the sales tax department, you will have to file monthly sales tax returns even if you are not involved in any sales tax-related activity.

Step 3

Open a bank account for export proceedings and related documents.

Step 4

Obtain a membership certificate for a Chamber of Commerce or relevant trade association.

Step 5

To clear the consignment at the port, provide the following documents to the clearing agent: a. Packing list b. Commercial invoice c. Letter of Credit (LC) d. Certificate of origin which is issued by the chamber of commerce e. National Tax Number Certificate f. Form "E" (State bank form)

Step 6

Submit the duplicate and triplicate copies of form 'E,' along with the shipping documents, invoices etc., to the bank who had certified the form 'E'. Attach an extra copy of the shipper's invoice to the triplicate copy of the form 'E'

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