How to Change a Name on a SIN Card

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Your Social Insurance Number is the number you need to work and collect government benefits, such as a pension, in Canada. Your SIN card shows your legal name, and if you change your name, you must apply to have your name changed on the card. Failing to change your name on the SIN card can lead to problems when you need to use your SIN number.

Gather the documents you need. For changing your name on a SIN card, you need your proof of identity, such as an original Canadian birth certificate or Canadian citizenship certificate, and the original legal proof of your name change, such as a court order or marriage certificate.

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Get a Social Insurance Number Application. Visit the official website of Service Canada, the Canadian government's online service website, to download an application.

Complete the SIN application. Select the box for "Legal Change of Name" as the application type on the top of the document. You need your old name, new name, address, SIN number, birthplace and date and the names of both your parents. Sign and date the application. Put your original documents with the application.

Mail the application and the documents to Social Insurance Registration, PO Box 7000, Bathurst NB, E2A 4T1. You'll receive the card with the new name and your original documents back in approximately three weeks.


  • The Service Canada Center is not responsible for original lost documents if you mail the application in.


  • No fee applies for changing your name on your SIN card at the time of publication. Bring the completed application and your original documents to your local Service Canada Center if you don't want to mail the originals in.

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