How to Get the Form I-90 for Renewal of Green Card

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Form I-90 is a green card renewal form provided by United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). The two-page form is two is downloadable in a PDF format through the USCIS website. Included with the form is a list of instructions, which explain filing fees, filing location and common questions regarding the application process. In addition to green card renewals, the form also applies to lost, stolen or damaged green cards.

Access the USCIS homepage on the Internet. The USCIS homepage includes up-to-date information on immigration-related events, common questions and changes in policy or procedures. The USCIS homepage also serves as the primary source for all immigration-related forms.

View the top menu bar located on the USCIS homepage. The menu contains six categories, one of which is "forms." Click on the "forms" menu to load a list of immigration forms and their descriptions. The list of forms also provides the form name, filing fee and which editions currently are accepted.

Scroll down the list of forms until you see "I-90" under the title "Application to replace permanent residence card." The list arranges forms in alphanumeric order. Most forms begin with a letter, proceeded by a hyphen and then a number. This arrangement makes it easy to navigate the list.

Click on the link for form I-90. The link takes you to a full-page description of the form, including filing fees, filing locations, purpose of the form and other relevant information. At the bottom of the page, you will see a link to access the PDF version of the form, as well as another link that takes you to a PDF instruction manual for the form.

Open the form and the instruction manual. Although it is highly encouraged to read the instructions prior to starting the form, you can revisit the instruction manual if you come across any difficulty in completing the form. The format of the PDF file allows you to type directly into the form and then print out for submission. If you prefer, you may print out the form first and then fill in the form with an ink pen.


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