How to Get a Title Insurance License in Florida

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Licensed title insurance agents perform various duties relating to the closing of a real estate transaction, such as countersigning title commitment policies, preparing title reports and handling the escrow process. In Florida, legal residents over the age of 18 can apply for a title insurance license through the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Meet the Qualifying Criteria

Not everyone can apply for a Florida title insurance license. You must be:

  • over the age of 18
  • a U.S. citizen or a legal alien with a work authorization from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services; and
  • a resident of the state of Florida

Licensed attorneys in Florida who are in good standing with the Florida Bar are exempt from having to obtain a title insurance license.

Apply for a License

Apply for a license online by visiting the website of the Florida Division of Financial Services, insurance agent and agency services division. Follow the instructions on screen to create an account. The system will guide you through the application process.

Get Fingerprinted

Fingerprinting is a mandatory requirement to obtain a Florida title insurance license. The state outsources fingerprinting services to its vendor, Morpho Trust USA. You must be fingerprinted through this company or your application will be denied. Visit Morpho Trust's website to register and pay the fee for fingerprinting. After payment, you'll be given a list of locations where you can submit your fingerprints electronically.

Submit a Letter of Clearance

If you're licensed in another state or have been licensed at some time within the past three years, you'll need to submit an original letter of clearance from the licensing authority of your home state. This letter should state that you were formerly licensed to act as a resident title insurance agent and confirm whether you have ever had a license denied, suspended or revoked.

Complete Mandatory Training

To qualify for a Florida title insurance license, you must successfully complete 40 hours of state-approved classroom training within four years of submitting your application. Find a course at the Florida Division of Financial Services website.

Alternatively, you can bypass the training requirement by showing that you have at least one year of responsible title duties, such as closing, title examination and policy issuance while working for an attorney, a title agency or a title insurer within the past four years. This information must be verified by your current or former employer.

Pass the Examination

All applicants are required to pass the Florida state title insurance exam. The state's testing vendor, Pearson Vue, organizes the examinations. You'll find the candidate handbook, details of the exam content and a list of local test centers on the Pearson Vue website. A passing score is valid for one year. If you don't complete your license application within this time frame, you'll have to retake the exam.

Print Your License

Once you have completed these steps, check the status of your application by visiting your account profile page. The Department of Financial Services will send your license approval by email as soon as it receives a passing examination result from the testing vendor. You can print this out from your profile page.

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