How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Los Angeles County

By Julia Kitlinski-Hong
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A Los Angeles County resident can obtain an additional copy of his birth certificate by ordering it through the mail, in person or over the Internet with a credit card. An official copy of a birth certificate is required to obtain a passport, Social Security card, driver's license and other documents related to your personal identity. Individuals who are picking up copies for someone other than themselves must be either a guardian, a close family member, have a court order (attorney or certified adoption agency) or be a member of a law enforcement agency on official business. Informal copies of the birth certificate, which are given to those who do not qualify for an authorized copy, will say "Informational, not a valid document to establish identity" across the document.

Mail-Order Request

Download the application for a birth certificate from the Los Angeles County Register-Recorder/County Clerk using the link in Resources and fill it out completely. You also need to download the Certificate of Identity, fill it out and get it notarized.

Include a pre-addressed, stamped return envelope with your request.

Write out a check or money order to the County Register-Recorder/County Clerk for $17.

Mail your request to Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Birth Records, P.O. Box 53120, Los Angeles, CA 90053.

Look for your certificate in the mail in around 20 business days, depending when you sent your request.

Credit Card Request

Place a request online with a credit card payment if you have either MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Online requests allow for a faster response and even accept emergency orders that are sent back to you 10 business days from when the Certificate of Identity is received.

Go to Vital Chek using the line in References. This is an independent company that has partnered with Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's Office to take your credit card orders.

Charge $17 to your card if you want to receive your certificate in the mail in about two weeks. If you want to rush your order, you can have it mailed through UPS or Express Mail for an extra charge of $18.50.

In-Person Requests

Bring a valid ID and make a request for a birth certificate at any of the locations listed on the registrar-recorder's website using the link in References.

Look for the office labeled "Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates."

Receive your certificate the same day if you were born after 1964. Individuals born before this year will have this document mailed to them within 20 business days.

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