How to File a Police Report in Chicago

By Alicia Gallegos
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Filing a police report is necessary in many types of situations. Whether you've been in a vehicle accident or have been the victim of a criminal act, police reports are essential records of what happened and often the first step officers need in solving the crime. Many options exist when filing a police report in Chicago.

Call a police officer to the scene. If you've been in an automobile accident, it's common protocol to call can officer to the accident to take a report. Same goes for a situation where you have been a crime victim, such as having your home burglarized. For a list of Chicago Police phone numbers go to

Go to the Chicago police station. Filing a police report in person is generally acceptable, especially if a significant amount of time has passed since the crime. The records department at the Chicago police department can assist you with filing the report. The main Chicago police department is located at 3510 South Michigan Avenue or call them at (312) 746-6000 to find the nearest station location.

Keep your own records. If a set of circumstances arises where a phone or transportation is unavailable, start your own record of events. Use a pen and paper to document the time and date of the incident, any relevant names and ages, and any other identifying information such as license plate or phone numbers. This documentation will help later when you are able to contact police.

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