What Is an Inactive Warrant?

Police, you, an inactive warrant
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Although considered inactive, a warrant can still land you in a police car, arrested for suspicion of a crime or for failing to make an appearance at a scheduled court date.


When police officers suspect criminal activity, they obtain a court warrant. A warrant authorizes a search of your home, car or other property, or it authorizes your arrest for a crime you are suspected of having committed.

Inactive warrants

A transfer to inactive status occurs in cases where obstacles or delays prohibit the immediate execution of a warrant.

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In Montana, inactive warrant status can apply when a sought party has left the county, city or state that issued the warrant.


Assignment of inactive status applies to Michigan warrants in cases that are already before a judge or jury and set for judgment and sentencing.


In cases involving inactive warrants, law enforcement personnel are advised to confirm the validity of the information on record prior to making arrests or initiating searches.

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