How to Claim a 179D Deduction

Calculating taxes

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Section 179D is a tax code allowing for a deduction on costs for energy-efficient commercial building property. The IRS allows a deduction for the full amount of costs on any property placed in service during that period. Calculate the maximum deduction allowed by multiplying $1.80 by the square feet of the building.

Collect your receipts related to energy-efficient commercial building property. Included in the receipts should be any certifications from the construction.

Enter the amount of deduction under "other deductions" on the appropriate form. As of 2010, no forms had a spot for a 179D deduction, so it must go under "other deductions." The appropriate form is Form 1120 for corporations, Form 1120-S for S corporations and Form 1065 for partnerships.

Attach a document listing all other deductions taken to the tax form.

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