How to File a Lien on a House in Georgia

By Roger Thorne J.D.
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A house or property lien is a secure interest in the rights to a property by a creditor. The state of Georgia allows for liens to be placed against a person's property, including their home, in certain situations.

Qualify for a mechanic's lien. Georgia allows a wide range of workers to file a mechanic's lien against real property. To qualify for mechanic's lien, Georgia law requires a person to have contributed work, supplies or anything of value that added to a property. This includes work done by construction workers, laborers, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, architects and anyone else aiding in the construction or renovation of the home.

Prepare the lien documents. The mechanic's lien must state that kind of work provided, the person or organization who provided the work, the amount in dispute, the location of the property, and the date on which the claim became due.

File the lien within the required time period. Georgia law requires that a mechanic's lien be filed within three months from the last day of work provided by the filer. If the party filing the lien is a supplier of materials, they must file within 30 days from the last date in which supplies were delivered. The lien must be filed at the county courthouse in which the property is located.

Send a notice to the property owner. At the time of filing, the claimant must send a copy of the lien to the owner of the property or their agent. This can be done via registered or certified mail, or personal service.

Make amendments. Georgia law allows for lien filers to make amendments to their claim, but the amendments must be filed in the same time period as the original lien. In other words, any amendments made must be filed within 30 days from the last day of work on the property.

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