How to Get a Philippine Birth Certificate

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A birth certificate from the National Statistics Office is a vital record that establishes the birth of a child. This official form lists a person's time and place of birth, name, sex, mother's name and (usually) father's name. The term "birth certificate" can refer to either the original document or a certified true copy of the original record. You can get them by applying in person, online or by postal mail. You can even have the certificates shipped to an international address if you are outside the country.

Make sure you can legally request the birth certificate. Under Philippine law, not everyone is at liberty to access a person's birth information. You would have to be either that person yourself, an immediate relative or guardian, an authorized representative of that person, or a court or public official (the last for legal proceedings). When applying for the birth certificate, you must state your relationship to the person.

Provide the details of the birth in your request. Include:

  • Full name of the child whose birth is recorded (first, middle and last name) - Exact date of birth - Place of birth (city/town and province) - Full name of the father - Full maiden name of the mother - Your full address - Your relationship with the child - Your reason for requesting a birth certificate - Number of copies of the certificate you want - Whether the birth was registered late or not

Visit a Census Serbilis Center near you. A list of these centers is available at the National Statistics Office website. If you apply at Census Serbilis outlet at East Avenue, you can get your certificates from the same outlet at a later date.

Submit your request to:

The Civil Registrar General National Statistics Office P.O. Box 779, Manila Philippines

Your order will be delivered by mail.

Visit for the e-Census web site. Provide the same details listed above. After you've completed your order, you can review it before confirmation. Get your Batch Request Number and Request Reference Numbers, so you can track your orders. To pay for your order through this website, use a credit card or Banco de Oro or Union Bank online banking. The birth certificates will be delivered to you via postal mail.


  • Processing times may vary.
    Orders by postal mail and website will be processed after payment and sent via post. If you are abroad, visit your local Philippine consulate for assistance.



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