How to Trace a Social Security Number to an Employer

a Social Security Number, an Employer
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Most employers, when registering their businesses, receive an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. This number is used to identify the employer for tax purposes. When an employer signs up for an EIN, he provides a Social Security Number, or SSN. An employer can be traced using an EIN or SSN. Tracing an individual’s SSN can reveal past or current employers.

Step 1

Access the Social Security Administration website,, or visit a Social Security office. Their services are restricted to employers and authorized third-party representatives; you must verify that you are such before gaining access to the database. Fill out a Social Security Number Verification Service request form. Once approved, you will be mailed an access code.

Step 2

Trace a Social Security Number to an employer using the access code. Your search will reveal the person’s employer or information on the person if he is the employer.

Step 3

Locate a website that enables you to search using a Social Security Number. Examples include Direct Screening, Intelius, People Records and more. There is a fee for access to the report provided by these services.

Step 4

Trace a Social Security Number to an employer using the Social Security Number report. The report provides information on a person's name, aliases, job, current and prior addresses and more.


  • Visit your state’s department of vital records if the owner of the SSN is deceased.

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