How to Tell If Someone Is on the Do Not Call Registry?

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The National Do Not Call Registry is a 2004 institution that stops telemarketers from contacting you if you so choose. If telemarketers contact those who are on the list, they are subject to fines and other penalties. The process on how to put your name on the list is easy, but how do you find out if your number is already on the list?

Go to the website On the left hand side, click the “Verify A Registration” link.

Follow the instructions on the page. Insert your three-digit area code in the box provided, followed by your seven-digit telephone number. Insert the email address you entered when you registered your phone number and then click “Submit.” On the next page, verify your information and then click “Verify."

You may also check whether someone else's number, such as your parent's or child's, is on the registry so long as you know the email address used to registry the number and have access to that person's email.

Check your email. Within minutes, you should receive an email from the registry stating whether or not the phone number you listed was registered or not. If it isn’t, you can use the website to register your phone number by clicking the “Register a Phone Number” link on the site.

Use your telephone. If you do not have an internet connection, you can check your status using the telephone number (888) 382-1222. Once connected, select your language, then use option 2. Under the other options, select the option for “Verify a Registration.” You must be calling from the telephone number you wish to check to verify. When prompted, dial your 10-digit telephone number, without the country code of 1. Once entered, your status will be told to you over the phone. If you aren’t registered, you can use the same phone number to register.

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