How to Track MetroCard Use

The MetroCard is used for NYC subways and buses.
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MetroCards are used for New York City subway and bus rides. You can purchase a MetroCard to use for yourself or your school-age child. Children's MetroCards are only valid Monday to Friday on days when school is in session and can be used up to three times per school day to travel between school, extracurricular activities and home. Every MetroCard has a number on the back that you can use to track your card. Typically this is done only when cards are lost or stolen, but if circumstances permit, the number can be used to track use of the card for other reasons by using an MTA Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request.

Write down the number on the back of your MetroCard --- or your student's MetrocCard --- when you purchase the card. The number is specific only to that MetroCard.

Call the MTA at 718-330-1234 as of June 2011 to inquire about tracking the use of a MetroCard.

Provide the MTA phone representative with the MetroCard number and any other information the representative requests. The representative will track the use of the MetroCard and provide you with the information he finds.


  • If your student's MetroCard is lost or stolen you should report the missing card to the school employee in charge of distributing MetroCards. She will report the card missing and have it tracked using the number on the back.

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