How to Sign Up for the Military Draft

All U.S. citizens between 18 and 25 must register for the draft.
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Although we have not had a draft in decades, male citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 still have to register with the Selective Service. Were the government to start a draft, the armed forces would use this information to select men to draft into the military. Registering for the draft is very easy, and does not require you to visit a military office. You can register for the selective service by simply filling out a form online, at school or at the post office.

Step 1

Learn whether you have to register. If you are a male U.S. citizen between the age of 18 and 25, you must register for the draft. If you are a male legal permanent resident, illegal alien or refugee living in the U.S., you also have to register. If, on the other hand, you are on a student or visitor visa in America or are part of a diplomatic or trade mission, you do not have to register.

Step 2

Choose a method for registering. If you live in the United States, you can register online using the Register Online link (see Resources). If you live outside the U.S. but are a citizen, you can register using the Online Foreign Registration link (see Resources). You may also apply at the post office. If you apply for federal student aid, you can also register simultaneously when filling out that application. Check "register me" on box #22 of your student aid form and you will automatically be registered for the draft.

Step 3

Fill out the registration form. Write your name, address, Social Security Number and date of birth in the designated spots.

Step 4

Send the registration in. Click the "submit registration" button if you registered online. Place a stamp on your form and mail it to Selective Service if you filled out your Selective Service registration at the post office. You will receive a confirmation notice with your Selective Service number in the mail within 90 days.

Step 5

Inform the Selective Service of any moves, using the Online Registration Address Change link (see Resources). Fill in your name, Social Security and Selective Service numbers, birth date and new address in the form within 10 days of moving.

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