How to Find If You Have a Traffic Camera Ticket

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Traffic cameras posted above a busy intersection can provide a quite a surprise if you cross into the intersection after the light turns red. The camera records your license plate then runs the information through the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is up to the local law enforcement agency whether or not to issue a ticket for any recorded offense, but you will have to get confirmation of the offense if you want to challenge a ticket.

Search the Website of the Traffic Enforcement Agency

Search online to find the website of the traffic enforcement agency. Remember, the ticket will be issued in the county or city where you committed the offense, not your home county.

Enter Your Details

Enter your driver's license number and date of birth (varies from site to site) to find your ticket information.

Call the City's Hotline

Call the city's or county's automated hot line if a website option is not available. This route gives the option of speaking to a court employee if there are further questions. The number can be found online or in a phone book.

Wait for a Notice in the Mail

Wait for a notice to come in the mail. Almost all tickets are sent by mail, normally containing the offense, price of bail and a picture record of the offense.


  • Often the ticket is issued to the vehicle's registered owner and not the driver of the car at the time of the offense. In these situations, the court may ask the registered owner to write in the name of the driver at that time.

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