How to find a Texas DPS Approved Defensive Driving Online Course

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a Texas DPS Approved Defensive, Online Course

Did you know you can take a Defensive Driving or Traffic Safety course online? Instead of attending a classroom you can take advantage of several TEA approved websites that offer this programs. It's all done online, you can take an online course to dismiss a traffic violation, speeding ticket, etc. Or if you simply want to reduce your insurance cost.

In Texas only a few websites have been approved to offer online Defensive Driving courses by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Each program varies in content but after all they all offer a common goal, help you complete your course and generate a certificate of completion.

Under Texas law no one can offer a course for less than $25.00. Every website is different and, after doing some research I found out one specific company that sticks to the Texas price standards and doesn't inflate it for a bigger profit. Plus, they offer a bunch of features that other companies don't have. I'm talking about "GetDefensive".

Simply, go to the link listed under resources, you can register for your online course. Most Courts have approved GetDefensive to offer online safety courses. If you would want the course to be read aloud choose the "Read-Along" upgrade which for a small fee will add this feature.

If you are simply taking this course to reduce your insurance rates, make sure to select the right option, this way the certificate will be issued to you and you can then present it to your insurance company for a discount, check with your insurance company what the requirements are and you could potentially save an extra 10% on car insurance.

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