How to Obtain a Puerto Rican Birth Certificate

Like a social security card, a birth certificate is an important document no one should be without. If you were born in Puerto Rico and need your birth certificate, the process is fairly straightforward. Citizens born before June 21, 1931 must request the birth certificate in person at the local registry of the town where you were born. Anyone born after June 21, 1931 can make the request by mail.

Print an Application for Birth Certificate by Mail Puerto Rico's Health Department website.

Fill out Section I of the application, providing the full name of the inscribed; both the maternal and paternal last names; date and place of birth; the purpose for which you are requesting the certificate; and the number of copies you need.

Complete Section II of the application with the requester's name including both maternal and paternal last names; relationship to the inscribed; permanent address and postal address of the requester; signature of the requester; and date of request, as well as, selecting the type of ID being submitted.

Make a copy of a current identification for the requester. Acceptable Identification includes: a driver’s license, passport, state issued identification card, Public Assistance card, Veteran’s Administration card, State or Federal government identification card, job and college or university ID card.

Pay $5 for the first copy you are requesting and $4 for each additional copy via money order in the name of the "Secretario de Hacienda" if you reside outside of the island, or by filing fee stamp (Sello de Rentas Internas) if you live in Puerto Rico (see Resources).

Place the completed application, copy of identification, self-addressed stamped envelope and money order or filing fee stamp in a stamped envelope addressed to: Registro Demográfico, P.O. Box 11854, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00910.


  • The only persons who can solicit a birth certificate are the inscribed himself (if he is 18 years of age), or the parents, children or legal representative of the inscribed.



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