How to Sue Someone

Sue Someone

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Has someone wronged you? Whether someone assaulted you or owes you money, filing a lawsuit can redress your grievances. Use this guide to find out exactly how to someone.

First you have to decide where to sue someone. You will need to file the lawsuit in the county where the wrong occurred. For example, if you paid someone for work that was never completed in Philadelphia, PA, you would file your suit in Philadelphia county. In small claims court you can usually sue up to $10,000.

Get the paperwork. You can usually use the internet to find the paperwork necessary to sue someone. Try typing in "paperwork lawsuit" and the name of the county where you will file the lawsuit.

Once you have the paperwork, the first thing you will do is file a statement of claim. This will be a box on the paperwork where you clearly and shortly write a summary of what the other person did wrong. For example, "I paid John Doe $2000 to fix my roof, which he never completed after taking my money".

Fill out the other person's (the defendant) name and address to your claim. Attach any paperwork, receipts, contracts or other documents you have pertaining to the case to your claim. Pay the filing fee and file your paperwork with your county court clerk.

Next you need to serve the defendant. This gives notice to the other person that they are being sued. Sometimes the county sheriff will do this, sometimes you need to do this yourself. If you need to do this yourself, you must give a copy of everything you filed with the court to the person you are suing.

The clerk of court will schedule a hearing date. This is the date and time where you will present your case.


  • File your claim as soon as the injury occurred. Most courts have a time limit of one year after the injury occurred.
  • This is not legal advice. Consult an attorney for legal advice.