How to Find a Missing Person Free

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Finding a missing person can be a difficult task, but if you know where to look, it is often much easier to find a missing person. Sometimes, you may even find a missing person for free. Depending on the circumstances of the disappearance of the missing person, there are many different ways to go about finding a missing person. Just follow these simple steps to find a missing person for free.

File a Missing Persons Report

The first step to finding a missing person should always be filing a missing persons report. The police will dedicate themselves to helping you to search for and find a missing person. The sooner your file your missing persons report with the police, the more likely it is that they will be able to find leads and find your missing person.

Visit the Missing Persons Database

Visit, the missing persons database operated by the U.S. Department of Justice. Enter the name, gender and state of the person you are looking for to find information on the missing person. If the person doesn't appear, ask a family member to create a case file on the website, which can begin communication with law enforcement.

Do an Online Search

Go online and search for the person by typing their name in social media websites and in a search engine like Use the image search option to find pictures of the person you're looking for. If that doesn't turn up anything, modify your search by using the person's nicknames, maiden name, or by including hobbies and interests in the search. For example, searching for "John Doe bass fishing" may lead you to a group he belongs to or images on websites of the person involved with that activity. Search for the missing person's phone number or the address of the missing person by consulting listings in their last-known city.


Visit and go to the city where the missing person last lived. Click on the "Missed Connections" page link and add an entry asking for help to find your friend.

Look for Help on Web Forums

Seek out help to find your missing person on forums like Groups such as these are filled with amateur detectives who have dedicated years to finding missing people, and they are usually happy to use their expertise to find missing persons for free.

Hire a Private Investigator

Pay for help. At some point you may be forced to seek out the help of a private investigator to help you find the missing person. Their services might be expensive, but they might also be able to find your missing person in a way that you cannot.


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