How to Fill Out Form I-90

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Form I-90 Consists of Six Parts

Use part 1 of Form I-90 to provide information about yourself, such as your alien registration number and the date you were granted permanent resident status. In part 2, explain why you're submitting Form I-90, which might be because your card was lost or stolen, you never received it, or it contains erroneous information. In part 3, you must identify the location of the U.S. Embassy, U.S. Consulate or USCIS office where you applied for your green card and the location where it was actually granted. If you require accommodations due to a disability or impairment, provide this information in section 4. In section 5, sign and date the form and provide a contact number. If someone prepares the form for you, that person provides information in part 6.

File by Mail or Electronically

If you're mailing Form I-90, visit or call customer service at 800-375-5283 to determine the appropriate mailing address, as this can sometimes change. While you can also file Form I-90 electronically, in some cases, such as if you need a replacement card because you never received the original one or if the one you have contains errors made by USCIS, you can only file it by mail.


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