How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Birth Certificate?

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A certified copy of your birth certificate is needed for various forms of official identification and licensing. If you lose your birth certificate during a disaster, such as fire, flood or a devastating storm, or simply during a move, you can request a replacement for a nominal fee. The cost for a replacement varies state by state, but is usually less than $20 depending on the state. In certain cases, it can cost more. One of these is if you are a United States citizen who was born abroad. In this case, it costs $50 to replace a birth certificate. Replacing a birth certificate for a child who was born abroad and adopted by a United States citizen costs $555.

Municipality of Residence

Call or write to the municipal clerk of the city or town where your parents lived when you were born. Inquire about the charge for having a certified certificate of birth to be made. The price varies between states. You can also visit the CDC's website for your state's specific requirements around acquiring a copy of a birth certificate.

State Archives

Go online and visit the vital statistics office of the state where you or your child were born to find the up-to-date fee to have the certificate made for you. Email or check for a way to inquire about having the certificate replaced.


Phone or write to the Records' Office at the county seat where you were born. Inquire if the office has birth records on file and what the fee is to have a certified copy made.

Request Certificates

You can take your information to the office or mail it in a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope with a check or money order for payment of the fee.

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You can also order a certified copy of your birth certificate online. One website where you can do this is To order a copy of your birth certificate, you'll need to provide certain pertinent information to prove your identity. If you are ordering a birth certificate for another person, you will need to prove that you are authorized to order a birth certificate for him.

Time Frame

It can take 3 to 10 days for you to receive the certified birth certificate from a municipality or county. The state vital statistics office may have a backlog that could mean a wait of 6 months.

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