How to Check if There is a Warrant Out For Your Arrest


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Not knowing what a warrant is or how to find out if you have a warrant out for your arrest could be asking for alot of trouble.A warrant for arrest could be issued if at any time you have failed to appear in court when you should have.Warrants also cand be issued for non-payment of fines or neglect to show proof of community service you provided.Once the police think they have enough evidence against you,they can apply with the courts for a warrant for your arrest.Be assured that once they have the warrant,they will come for you.You then will be escorted to jail.

Never ignore a warrant even if you never knew that one existed.If you get arrested,you will have to appear in court.Your records will show that you was arrested.Your records will also show that the police had to track you down unvoluntarily and drag you in.Having the courts believing this will bring you no favors. Also it is not uncommon to be arrested for warrants that you never knew about.Maybe there is a ticket that you completely forgot about.It could even be that you were a victim of identiy theft.This is where somebody else may have committed a crime in your name.

You always have the option of doing nothing and simply just wait for that special knock at your door.But seriously how many hours will you wasted sitting there,hoping they don't come?It could save you alot of time,trouble,and money to simply find out before it is too late.

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Call the court house.This can be a great idea if you remember that each court house will only have information on thier county.So with that being said,you will need to call all the court houses.

Ask a police officer.A police officer will be able to check for any outstanding warrants out for your arrest.They can have results in no time.However it is a good idea to be prepared to be arrested if indeed there is one.They could arrest you right then and there.