How to Get a Copy of a Traffic Ticket


Jason Morrison

If you've misplaced your traffic ticket, getting another copy of it is relatively easy to do and can help make sure you are appropriately prepared for any court proceedings you may need to attend.

Stop by the police department in the city where your ticket was issued. The police department should have a copy of your ticket on file and can give you a copy.

Visit the courthouse in the area where you received the ticket and ask if the clerk can give you a copy of the ticket. The court where the ticket was filed will have a copy on hand that the clerk should be able to provide you with.

Call the courthouse in the city or town where the ticket as issued and ask for a copy of the ticket to be sent to you.

Visit the court's website and download a copy of the ticket that you can print out at home, if that court provides that service.

Contact the district attorney's office in the area where your ticket was received and ask for a copy of your ticket. The prosecuting attorney's office should be in possession of a copy of the ticket.


Keep track of all of your attempts to get a copy of the ticket. If you can not find a copy, and are prosecuted, you can use your attempts to find a copy of the ticket in court. Have your driver's licesnse handy at every attempt to get a copy of your ticket. You will likely not be given the ticket without ID present.

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