How to Know if You Have a Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket On Car's Windshield
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Parking tickets – a type of traffic citation in which you are charged with violating a parking law – can sneak up on you when you aren't even around to defend yourself. Once you have a parking ticket you must pay the parking agency the fine that is indicated on the citation. You also have the opportunity to appeal a parking ticket if you believe you were unfairly ticketed. It is important to handle and pay your parking tickets timely so that the fines do not increase the longer you wait.

Look for a parking ticket on your car. Parking tickets are most commonly left on the front windshield of the car so that the driver notices it right away. You should also check the driver's side window and the rear window. Sometimes, a parking ticket could blow away if the ticketing authority does not secure it down enough. As such, quickly scan the ground around your car to see if you notice any small pieces of paper.

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Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Ask for a record or history of your traffic violations. You can specifically tell them that you are interested in knowing whether or not you have a parking ticket. The DMV can look up your vehicle history using your license plate number or VIN.

Contact the traffic court in your county or city. Ask a court clerk to look up whether you have a parking ticket on your file. The clerk will be able to tell you when the ticket was issued, when the money is owed and how much is due.


  • Failure to pay a parking ticket can impact your driving record, so keep up with your parking tickets.

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