How to Find the Name of a Post Office Box Holder

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Determine whether you are entitled to get the name of the post office box holder. According to information from the Superior Court of California, you can request the person's name and address if he is using the post office box to conduct business with the public or to solicit business. If the box is held by an individual who is not using it for business purposes, you can get the information if you need it to serve him with a court process.

If the post office box is being used for business purposes, gather evidence of that use. The Superior Court of California says you can use an advertisement, flier, correspondence or anything else that is directly tied to a business being run with the post office box address.

Visit the post office with the evidence and make your request for the box holder's name, or send copies of the proof to the post office along with a written request.

If the post office box is not being used for business but you are involved in a court matter and need to serve the holder, visit the post office and request the appropriate form. You will be required to provide certain details, such as the name of the court and case information. You'll also have to explain that the box holder is a party to the case in some way, such as a judgment debtor or defendant. You'll also have to certify that you will use the information only for serving court papers.


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