How to Report Handicap Parking Abuse

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It's estimated that around one third of vehicles that display disabled placards are doing so fraudulently. If you see an incidence of handicap parking abuse, report it to the police, the DMV or the accessible parking rights site, Handicapped Fraud. Complaining is the only way to prevent more and more spots being taken away from people that really need them.

Gather Information

Write down the vehicle’s license plate number if you see a car parked in a handicapped spot without a placard or a handicapped license plate. Copy down the person’s handicap placard number as well if there is one placed inside the vehicle. The placard number will be at the base of the tag in clear bold lettering. Use this number if the person with the placard is not disabled and abusing the handicap parking privilege.

Notify the Police

Notify the police of the violation. You can either call in the complaint or find a security guard on the premises and let them know about the incident of handicap parking fraud. Provide them with the license plate number of the vehicle and placard if applicable.

Complain Online

Report the handicap parking abuse on the website Handicapped (see Resources). This site allows you to put the location that the abuse occurred and the license plate number of the vehicle involved. The information is posted on the site for others to view and can also be used by police departments to investigate.

Tell the DMV

Contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Most states have a special department dedicated to investigating misuse of handicapped parking privileges. The DMV will give you a form to fill out to report any incident of misuse that you have witnessed from individuals with a placard.

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