How to Get Free Background Checks

Free background checks are difficult to find. Most websites charge a fee for their services. This article provides readers with sources of free background checks that are available on the web.

Contact Public Agencies

Public resources are the best, because most states BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) websites offer free background checks to the public. These free background checks will mostly find felony (and some misdemeanor level) convictions. However, many times if you want an in-depth search, you will have to order one directly from the state that you reside. These searches also have the ability to find not only criminal convictions, but arrest records too.

Consult Private Resources

Consult private resources as they are good providers of background checks, however most do not offer free background checks to their customers. Sometimes though, these resources are more reliable than public ones due to the fact that they also offer features such as property, and even marital records. Some examples of websites include:, and However, with some of these websites, the more you want to know, the more you pay.

Call Private Firms

Private firms do not offer free background checks. They also charge a lot more than websites do, and usually what they find, you could also locate on a website at a cheaper rate.


  • Look at private websites for free background checks. Many offer free trials or one-time use trials to their customers. Also, check with reputable businesses who they use for their services. Businesses are all about saving money, and they usually contract out with a company or website who offers the cheapest rates. Free background checks are not hard to come by, you just have to research and look in the right places!

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